The MTB series will take place for the 6th time in 2022 and is for everyone. For pure racers and hobbyists. Even those for whom riding a marathon is still a true survival experience will find something to their taste. The MTB series is for every MTB marathon lover. Also the runners will find something to their liking.

To further support our goal of stimulating endurance outdoor sports and bringing them to the attention of the public, we will continue as More Than Biking Foundation from 2022 onwards.

The MTB series will, as in previous years, include a number of international marathons and one or more stage races, to which a ranking will be linked.

In addition, a Strava competition will be offered, so that training kilometres can be used to win even more prizes. This competition has a runner and a cyclist group.

Finally, there is the possibility to participate in virtual events that last one or more days and that offer the possibility to collect points. These are (stage) races that you run in your own region. How cool to be able to participate in an event like the Crocodile Trophy!

Register once and take part in three events! Which other competition has so many options?

As a welcome gift each participant will receive our new MTB calendar 2022/2023. In this agenda you will find not only numerous event dates, but also tips on sports nutrition, recommendations for marathon preparation and much more about MTB and running.

Get more out of your registration and get a chance to win one of the many prizes.

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